Individual Counseling

How Individual Counseling Can Help

Therapy is beneficial for anyone at any point in their life. It’s a safe space to reflect, focus on yourself, and address things in your life that aren’t going the way you want. Whether you want to thrive in your career, be a confident parent, or to love and accept yourself, we actively work with you so you can be empowered and create the change you want to see in your life. No matter what your goals are, all counselors at Fleming Family Therapy are expertly trained and qualified to help you succeed.

We frequently provide counseling services in the following areas:


These racing thoughts do not have to interrupt or control your life. We’ll help you pinpoint and understand your triggers so you can reclaim your daily function and confidently face the sources of your anxieties.


Escape the constant cycle of negativity that’s holding you back. Together, we’ll identify your warning signs, address negative self-talk, and give you the tools to make positive changes in your life to focus on living in the present.

Body image

How you feel about your body has a huge impact on self-esteem. It’s even harder when outside factors (like pregnancy or medical treatments) are involved. We’ll explore internal criticisms and give you the skills to stop body blaming, boost your self-esteem, and appreciate yourself.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck

We’ll help you take a structured approach to problem solving so you can better prioritize your life, focus on the big picture, and find what’s truly important so you can live an exciting and fulfilling life.


Individual counseling can greatly improve your relationships. You’ll learn how to self-advocate and implement healthy boundaries so you can have an equal and present role without sacrificing yourself. You’ll gain deeper insight in how you relate to others so you can find more meaningful relationships in your life.

Life transitions

Not all of life’s transitions are in our control. Explore coping strategies so you can make healthy transitions into the changes in your life outside of your control. Successfully adapting to change will make you stronger, more confident, and be better prepared for anything life throws your way.

Health and medical issues

A fulfilled life with serious health or medical challenges is possible. We’ll help you regain control of your wellbeing while still managing your condition so you can confidently face any challenges that may come your way.

Emotional regulation, identification, and expression

When feelings control actions, people do things they regret. We’ll help you take charge and learn how to identify and predict negative patterns in order express your emotions in a healthier, more productive way.

Grief and loss

There is no one right way to navigate this unexpected change in your life. Your therapist will help you adjust to this new normal and you’ll learn how to recognize and respond to potential triggers so you can live life beyond grief.


Getting back to a normal life is possible. We’ll help you face the memories and physiological responses so you can develop skills to keep them from impacting your life in a negative way.

Interpersonal skills

We’ll examine what’s hindering your social interactions and work with you to increase your self-awareness and empathy. As an effective communicator, you’ll thrive at work, improve relationships, and assert yourself in healthy ways.

Get the support you need.

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