COVID-19 (A.K.A. coronavirus) has heightened feelings of panic, anxiety, depression, uncertainty, loneliness, and more in society. We are limited on what we can and cannot do, and we strive for some sense of normalcy and control. The question is…how do we do that? Below are steps to improve your mental health during this scary and chaotic time.

Stay connected with friends.  There are many ways to stay connected, including video chats, text message, phone calls, social media, and more. Social distancing does not have to mean social disconnection!

Set Boundaries. Because we are quarantined with family members, significant others, children, etc., it is imperative to set boundaries when needed. Remember, setting boundaries is one of the healthiest ways to practice self-care.

Go for a walk! Getting sunlight produces Vitamin D within our bodies. Studies show that Vitamin D deficiencies have a negative effect on our mental health and can worsen depressive symptoms.

Be mindful of rumination. There is a distinct difference between ruminating, which is unhealthy, and healthily processing through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Rumination means to sit with distressing and anxiety-provoking thoughts without problem-solving, which can lead to worsened symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Know when to walk away from the media. While it is important to stay updated on current news, do not overwhelm yourself with heightened anxiety and distressing emotions. You can balance your intake of current events with managing your stress and anxiety levels by setting limits on how much information you obtain in a day.

Connect with a mental health professional. We are here to help! We do not want anyone to feel that they are alone during this time. We are in this together, and are here to support you in every way that we can.

You do not have to go through this alone!  Click Here to speak with one of our clinicians.  

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